Why We Decided to Homeschool?

Growing up I was the last person to ever think I would homeschool my children. I was a public school kid and I survived. I thought it was part of life, you send your kids to school, they learn some quick facts, take a test and then you forget everything you just crammed to learn the last week.

Don’t get me wrong some of my best friends were homeschooled, but I always thought their parents were crazy for wanting to. Why didn’t they get to socialize, why study at home all day, what the heck did they really do?

Then I became a parent, to my eldest child E and he was different from the beginning. His first word was ball, he walked at 9 months, looked twice his age because of weight and height, but he didn’t talk until almost 3. I had that mom feeling that something was up with this kids from the get go. We did want any responsible parent did, we had him evaluated for speech, put him in speech, received news that he has apserger’s, got him an IEP, and then we lost the IEP because he made honor roll and surpassed everything we ever wanted for him.

Continually from 2nd to 4th grade school got worse for him and us parents. He didn’t care about school, learning was not enjoyed, and receiving punishment’s everyday for not being able to sit still or keep focus was to much for him and me. Everything came to a   climax at the beginning of second semester 4th grade year, mind you he was in a 4th grade – 5th grade combo class (for the “smart” kids), were he was expected to work by himself a majority of the time and keep on task.

I called for a teacher conference because I was tired of having text message notes sent everyday about what my child did wrong, or how he wasn’t doing what he was suppose to. I was fed up a parent, I felt how am I failing my child so bad. We talked with the teacher, explained that he was also being evaluated for AHDH,  we had expected and known he had for 3 years or so, but wanted to make it official.

To my surprise the teacher didn’t care that he may be ADHA, that he has asperges’s. For the first time in my life I felt let down by a teacher. With my child sobbing in his chair durning the meeting asking for help, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t focus like the other kids, why he got distracted so easily. That teacher just looked at him with the coldest face I had seen and told him to suck it up and figure out how to focus and sit in a chair.

Let me just say as a mom I was shocked, angered and ready to jump over the table. Thankfully my husband was their and thanked the teacher harshly for the meeting and we left quickly.

Right then and their in the car I asked my husband, and E about homeschooling. We all agreed and have never looked back. My middle boy M finished the year, and joined us the next school year and my daughter A joined in pre k.

Now homeschooling  is hard and tiring and takes strength and patience I didn’t know I had, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My children like to learn again, they are thinkers and doers. We don’t always have perfect days, but they are never as hard as they once were.



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