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My name is Stephanie and I am the creator of URBANFAMILYBASICS on IG AND URBANFAMILYHOMESCHOOL on IG. How did these two come to be?

I  wanted to show what my life is like, and in this season of life it revolves around food and homeschooling.

urbanfamilybasics is about health and food, I am a certified nutrition coach.  I love food! I grew up in a foodie family and have just accepted in its my blood to be in the kitchen. I unwind by cooking, I create in the kitchen. Cooking and baking are my hobby and the way that I relax and have show myself LOVE.

But, I do have a few rules for myself that I follow, real food only, organic as much as the pocket book allows, seasonal and local as much as  possible, clean eating.

I don’t believe in having to give up any food group but I know I feel better when I focus on eating more plant foods.

urbanfamilyhomeschool is about my families homeschool journey. I show what we use, what works for us and what hasn’t. Homeschooling is such and incredible journey and so different for every family that I just want to document and share what we do. We are a Brave Writer Lifestyle, Charlotte Mason, Wild + Free, nature loving, and Waldorf inspired family. Another thing about homeschooling is that a lot of “stuff” has taken over my house because of homeschooling, so we are trying to go the minimalism in way of “stuff” for school.




Stephanie CTNC

**I attended the Institute of Transformation Nutrition to become a health coach**



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