Whole30 Attempt # 3

I keep asking myself why in the world I am doing the September Whole30, I have never completed a Whole30. Ahhhhh

I keep telling myself, this time you will get to the finish line. I am in such a different situtation mentally, that I will finish this time no matter what. Also, I really want to kick my sugar habit and I think Whole30 is going to be perfect doing that for me.

So, why didn’t I complete the other two time. Well long story short the first round, I tried and lasted 11 days when I was care taking for my mother durning her throat cancer and it was bad, really bad. In and out of the hospital with a few extended stays, doctors appointments almost daily and to top it off I had hurt my shoulder at work and was fighting to get workers compensation all the while being the shuttle for 3 kids because the husband work graveyard most of the week. I wasn’t mentally prepared for Whole30 and probably really wasn’t in the right head space.

The second round only lasted 4 days, really!! I  attempted the Whole30 right after I gave birth to my fourth child. I think it would have been better if I had waited a few more months, but I tend to jump in head first. I wasn’t physically able to prepare for the Whole30, I was exhausted and tired and homeschooling my other 3 children.

So now Whole30 attempt number 3 is going to take place September 2018 and I will succeed and hopefully be able to kick my sugar addiction or at least curve the sugar cravings.  I am so excited to see what happens, to see how I feel, to see if I get that mental boost from removing sugar.

Why do Whole30 and not just stick to Keto? I have found myself on the Keto feeling great, sleeping better but I have replaced processed sugar with “natural” sugars or Keto safe sugars and MY ultimate goal for  MY health is to not need that replacing feeling. I want to have a treat because it just sounds good or its a treat, not I need something sweet and baked.

I will be planning a whole menu for myself and I will share once its done.

Looking forward to September Whole30.photo-18

10 Veggies to Eat

Kale – Tons of fiber, vitamin C, beta carotene, and vitamin A.kale

Collard Greens – K – rich green that supports bone growth and reduce inflammation, contains micro-nutrient choline that can help with sleep and overall mood.

Watercress – Dietary nitrate that been shown to  help with high blood pressure.

Swiss chard – vitamin K, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Bok Choy – The glucosinolates gives bok choy its flavor, but it also has cancer fighting compounds.

Spinach – Contains potassium, vitamin K, vitamin A which helps lower blood pressure and maintain bone health.


Arugula – Contains alphalipoic acid which a antioxidant that has been shown to lower glucose levels and help with diabetes symptoms.

Brussel Sprouts – Part of the cruciferous family, Brussel sprouts are a great source of protein, iron and potassium.


Carrots – Beta – carotene may help with vision for people with a lack of vitamin A, the carotenoids in this root vegetable have been linked to help reduce of cancers such as lung.

Cabbage – Sulforaphane found in cabbage may show some promise to help with autism symptoms.